On my way, August 26th, 2005

It’s been too many days of sorting and tossing things out, but now I’ve reached some semblance of completeness. My room is fully empty and swept, random crap has been pulled out from where it accumulated and dealt with, and I’ve only left my dad a moderate amount of things to deal with in terms of dump and salvation army trips. He was kind enough to offer to deal with the last minute shlepping.

So, now it begins – several days crossing the country with adventures ahead of me before I arrive in Los Angeles.
For anyone who has not see it, here is my baby:


And here it is all packed up – check it out.

This is my first attempt to put everything on the bike; I’m sure I’ll find ways to arrange it better as I go.

That’s all for now – I’m off!

Westport, MA to Chesterfield, MA, August 26th

A long day of driving. What was supposed to be a quick trip out to spend a final night with Martin and Asherah turned into a longer trip than I expected.
I first had to go to Marlborough, as that EMS was the only one in New England that had a “Pacsafe” in stock. This clever item will allow me to lock my laptop and other important stuff up in a metal mesh bag attached to my bike, dissuading would-be pilferers.

I met James in Marlborough – he came for the trip out to Chesterfield. We got turned around a few times though. The idea was to avoid the parking lot of 495 approaching route 90, so we tried to head up to Route 2, but got turned around once or twice, going the wrong way on 290 (ending up in Worcester) and then the wrong way on 495. Eventually we make it to Rt 2, and had a traffic-free (and quite lovely) drive out to Greenfield and then down to Chesterfield. Got to see Martin and Asherah one last time, and met Sean there, who is coming on the trip as far as Niagara falls.

Got to catch up with M&A a bit, as well as see Wolfgang, before Sean, James and I hit the sack, planning a very early morning.

About to begin!

As I sit knee deep in crap of one sort or another, my drastically pared belongings are, at least spiritually, wending themselves to California on their own path (actually, the truck doesn’t leave until next Wednesday, but already with the shipper.)

I leave in about 12 hours. I’ve still got a few hours of errands to do, but I’m confident they will get done.

Around 2pm, I’ll be leaving.
Here is my rough itinerary, watch this space for trip updates, pictures (ooh!) and, if you are lucky, witty meanderings.

My Chautauqua
Each line is about a day, each (s) signifies a sleep stop:

  • Westport, MA -> Chesterfield, MA (138) (s)
  • Chesterfield -> Niagara Falls, Ontario (369) (s)
  • Niagara Falls, Ontario -> Alma, MI (s) (334) Visit Aunt Gwyneth and Uncle Wally
  • Alma, MI -> Springfield, IL (441)
  • Springfield -> Kansas City (341)
  • Kansas City->Denver (600) (ooh that’s a long one)
  • Denver->Colorado Springs, west to Monrtrose (300)
  • -slow the pace, explore, visit friends-
  • Montrose -> the Million Dollar Highway to Durango -> (106)
  • Durango to Cortez (Mesa Verde +Canyons of the Ancients nm) (50) -> Cortez to Aztec, NM (s)(82)
  • Aztec Ruins nat mon -> (Petrified Forest – (s) Holbrook, AZ (232)
  • Lillith & Jonathan Visit (40 mi south of Holbrook) (s) (stop 1 day)
  • -end vacation-
  • (2710 miles so far!) then either:
  • Petrified Forest -> Grand Canyon (250)** -> Los Angeles (500) or
  • Petrified Forest -> Las Vegas (340 ) -> Los Angeles (270) or
  • Petrified Forest -> Los Angeles, CA (550)**

** what do
you think?