Mexico, MO to Quinter, KS, August 30th

I thought Kansas would be more flat. The western half of the state was rolling hills with a lot of character, striated layers of sandstone and sedimentary rock where blasting exposed the interior. The ride down to route 70 and to Kansas City was uneventful, and the only traffic I experienced was mild congestion around the twisty highway right around KC itself. Beyond that were the rolling hills with 70 gradually climbing in elevation.

Once past the midpoint of Kansas things flattened out, and I began to see the acres and acres of farmland I expected. I drove by lots of americana including signs for the OZ museum and many signs touting things like “live 6-legged calf!” and “200 pound spider!” I didn’t stop, and probably won’t bother to see the “60 pound world’s largest prairie-dog” tomorrow when I pass that, either.

Traffic was light after KC, and became nearly nonexistent as my bike ate up the miles west. I ended up doing about 530 miles before stopping in Quinter about 100 miles from the CO border. I rented a cheap (but really nice!!) motel room in Quintas to rest up for the leg into Colorado.

About 100 miles past the CO border I’ll be leaving route 70 behind and dropping to a smaller highway. I’ll follow route 24 to Colorado Springs and then Montrose. Since my next goal is Montrose instead of Denver, I’m going to bypass 70 from Limon, CO on.

I believe Montrose is about 600 miles from Quintas, though I don’t have internet at the moment, so I cannot look it up 🙂 I might do the whole distance tomorrow, but if 24 is a slower route then that will not happen, and I’ll stop somewhere in CO before reaching Montrose and the Million Dollar Highway. Perhaps Buena Vista? Or maybe I’ll camp tomorrow night in the Pike National Forest.

I’m ahead of schedule, and need to find a laundromat too, so perhaps I’ll find a cafe with internet next to a laundromat 🙂

That’s all for now!

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