Michigan Pix

A couple of pictures my uncle Wally took while I was in Alma visiting.


Soon after I arrived; this is my aunt Gwyneth.


Also Gwyneth – she is checking out a neurofeedback system I brought with me. Yup, I’m a brain geek.
Actually, both Gwyn and Wally are neuroscientists who teach at Alma College in Michigan, so it’s not too weird that she was checking this out.

I think this was taken in the morning, after I was all packed up to leave. Bleared-eyed look to the contrary, I was reasonably well rested and had been stuffed full of aunt Gwyn’s great chow the night before. It was a real treat to see them, and Michigan is interesting country – lots of midwest-type farmland but with trees 🙂

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  1. Sweet! Thanks especially for the pictures… though your blog as a whole definitely makes me green with envy. I would love the freedom you have right now. I would love to bike across the country, spend hours alone, writing, taking photos, etc. Great stuff.

  2. Well, it’s good to see that your route is going well. I’m interested in how the Chatauqua part of it is going… the psychological/mystical aspects of the journey. Anything so far?

  3. Hey man!

    Happy to see the pics 🙂

    Is it possible to get one of you actually riding? Olivia wants to make sure you are wearing your helmet 😛

  4. hey hey Doug!! maybe you should get a bike and then we can do a trip across the southwest sometime? don’t tell Gwyn I suggested it! oops – she might be reading this….

  5. hey doc waters… yes, there is lots to be said around that, but i’m not sure i have the brainpower for it right now… i’ll add more on that later.

  6. sorry steven (and olivia) no way to do that without enlisting someone else’s aid, and i don’t know that i want my camera out of my possession when i’m riding 🙂

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