Alma, Michigan to Mexico, Missouri, August 29th

Another long day – although this one was surprisingly easy.

I went a total of 625 miles today, starting from Alma, MI and driving down by Chicago to route 80, west and then south, eventually getting off the highway in IL and doing about 100 miles of IL and Missouri along “highway” 54, which is a 2 lane road passing through rolling farmlands.

This was some of the most beautiful riding I’ve done yet this trip, out of my approximately 1600 miles so far.

Along 54 I crossed the Mississippi river, and took some pictures:

views to the north (left) and south (right) of the Mississippi River

Once in Missouri the rolling farmlands continued, and I took some more pictures:

these were taken along US HWY 54, Vandalia, MO

I stopped in Mexico, MO for the night, although I could have probably done another couple of hundred miles. That being said, the Holiday Inn bed and hot shower were greatly appreciated! Also, if I had kept driving into the night then Tuesday would have been a wash, as I would have slept in, and late afternoon driving into the sun is no fun.

So, almost to Route 70 and only 750 miles to Colorado Springs before I start winding my way down through Four Corners.

After doing some tech support for people in FL on tuesday morning, I’m just about to head out again at 9am. Kansas, here I come!

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  1. Hey, does your camera do video clips?

    Where have you been stopping for road food? Any interesting places actually named “EATS”?

    Can’t wait for more photos!

  2. no video, though it does series of stills that are animated, so almost. but the framerate is such that it wouldn’t work when i’m actually driving 🙂

    and mostly i’m eating at Subway, and whatever diner is closest to where i sleep 🙂

    more photos up now!

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