Westport, MA to Chesterfield, MA, August 26th

A long day of driving. What was supposed to be a quick trip out to spend a final night with Martin and Asherah turned into a longer trip than I expected.
I first had to go to Marlborough, as that EMS was the only one in New England that had a “Pacsafe” in stock. This clever item will allow me to lock my laptop and other important stuff up in a metal mesh bag attached to my bike, dissuading would-be pilferers.

I met James in Marlborough – he came for the trip out to Chesterfield. We got turned around a few times though. The idea was to avoid the parking lot of 495 approaching route 90, so we tried to head up to Route 2, but got turned around once or twice, going the wrong way on 290 (ending up in Worcester) and then the wrong way on 495. Eventually we make it to Rt 2, and had a traffic-free (and quite lovely) drive out to Greenfield and then down to Chesterfield. Got to see Martin and Asherah one last time, and met Sean there, who is coming on the trip as far as Niagara falls.

Got to catch up with M&A a bit, as well as see Wolfgang, before Sean, James and I hit the sack, planning a very early morning.

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