i lay down for the night and started to read. after about 20 minutes i got a bit tired, and the words started to look jumbled.

i refocused on the words and kept reading. suddenly it was total nonsense!
what is this? these words make no sense!

when i focused on a word, i realized i was seeing words like ‘what’ instead of “where”. or i’d see “think” for “though”.
if i just tried to read automatically hovever, it was like i was aphasic. a jumble of barely understood words, with most of them wrong.

when peering closely at one word, i realized that i had a blind spot just to the right of foveation. or not exactly a blind spot, but an area where i just couldn’t see the letters on the page. if i slowly tracked my eyes from word to word i could still read, but it was laborious, and almost felt like i wasn’t really reading at all, or using some other part of my brain that doesn’t normally read.

i realized that trying to read while automatically scanning, even when slowly, i couldn’t perceive enough of each word to correctly identify it. i had been substituting in words based on length, shape, and beginning characters – i couldn’t tell at first, so my experience was as if aphasic.

upon wakening, i could read again. no visual problems, but nausea and headache all day. post migraneous release.
all i can think at this point is that what i experienced was just a premigraneous aura … but instead of sparkles it was somehow invisibile. a distortion of perception that didn’t appear to be a distortion.

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