About to begin!

As I sit knee deep in crap of one sort or another, my drastically pared belongings are, at least spiritually, wending themselves to California on their own path (actually, the truck doesn’t leave until next Wednesday, but already with the shipper.)

I leave in about 12 hours. I’ve still got a few hours of errands to do, but I’m confident they will get done.

Around 2pm, I’ll be leaving.
Here is my rough itinerary, watch this space for trip updates, pictures (ooh!) and, if you are lucky, witty meanderings.

My Chautauqua
Each line is about a day, each (s) signifies a sleep stop:

  • Westport, MA -> Chesterfield, MA (138) (s)
  • Chesterfield -> Niagara Falls, Ontario (369) (s)
  • Niagara Falls, Ontario -> Alma, MI (s) (334) Visit Aunt Gwyneth and Uncle Wally
  • Alma, MI -> Springfield, IL (441)
  • Springfield -> Kansas City (341)
  • Kansas City->Denver (600) (ooh that’s a long one)
  • Denver->Colorado Springs, west to Monrtrose (300)
  • -slow the pace, explore, visit friends-
  • Montrose -> the Million Dollar Highway to Durango -> (106)
  • Durango to Cortez (Mesa Verde +Canyons of the Ancients nm) (50) -> Cortez to Aztec, NM (s)(82)
  • Aztec Ruins nat mon -> (Petrified Forest – (s) Holbrook, AZ (232)
  • Lillith & Jonathan Visit (40 mi south of Holbrook) (s) (stop 1 day)
  • -end vacation-
  • (2710 miles so far!) then either:
  • Petrified Forest -> Grand Canyon (250)** -> Los Angeles (500) or
  • Petrified Forest -> Las Vegas (340 ) -> Los Angeles (270) or
  • Petrified Forest -> Los Angeles, CA (550)**

** what do
you think?

2 Replies to “About to begin!”

  1. I’m jealous! I’m thinking i need a vacation. I’m a geologist who has never seen the Grand Canyon. How sad is that? How much are plane tickets??

  2. I’m gonna bag the side trips for now – but will prob do a motorcycle trip to the southwest sometime in the next year or two. Maybe you should just up your endurance for long rides and see it by motorcycle? 🙂

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