souping up

i’ve been a Mac guy for a while. we had an Apple IIe when i was in 5th grade or something, and i took a Mac Classic to college.

i remained a Mac guy even through years of working in the software industry, and worked with every system under the sun. for a while i maintained a cross platform porting farm for a database & middleware company, and worked with everything from Solaris and NT on Alpha chips to A/IX. every type of chip, and every platform, and still whichever mac i was on made me happiest.

it wasn’t so much about the fact that my Macs didn’t get viruses.
or that they were really fast. or incredibly stable (at least as of Mac OS X).

i’ve been a Mac guy for a while. even before it made sense. i bought them when they cost 2X as much as a PC and gave you only a marginally better experience. and then OS X happened, and the value of “the computer” started growing exponentially. now it was UNIX. whoa nelly.

i also used to be the guy that would take my Mac apart into it’s constituent components. yeah, no surprise there. so i’ve upgraded (almost always without dire consequences) every Mac i’ve had, even when the effort it took was decidedly un-user-friendly.

and i’ve bought Macs even when they weren’t more stylish than anything else.
i mean, come on. a beige box? ya, that’s better than a grey box.

but then came the Intel Macs.
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