The Ancillary Benefits of Basses

A musician must write, or be only a player.
And navigate straits of both rhyme and palaver.
So to avoid keeping footmen named Borange and Chilver
I’ve acquired two basses, rock Orange and Silver.

Slouching in bassman’s affected rock posture,
I will pound them with Dub King, or bling them with Houser.
Both shall boom out with panache and groove swing.
Cuz it ain’t got no thing, unless you stomp, mwah, and zing.

Who knows how hot thunder will roll once I’ve started.
When I’m holding the bottom it’s sufficiently sorted.
Who knows where I’ll play, where I’ll wake once I’ve landed.
I just wish for a Reverend to boom that’s left-handed.

note: a Reverend is an amazing musical instrument.

Gear Acquisition Syndrome

It’s a guilty pleasure, habit, joy, and probably sickness, but I buy, play, occasionally sell Reverend Guitars, basses, and amps. I’ve got various photos scattered around my hard drive, of various Reverends, and more than a few ways of posting them online. Time for that to end – from now on the majority of my Reverend collection photos will end up on a new section of Paradigm Pusher, so I’m announcing: Reverend Love

 Stage Al Fish

Let me know what you think 🙂 I’m also trying to figure out a Ruby on Rails application framework to adopt into a Reverend Guitar Gallery, and that will be open to the public at large. Stay tuned for more details.